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Hello and welcome to my blog!
This blog contains mainly speculation about new (Pokémon) games. Since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are new games and there is little known about them, I will speculate on almost every aspect of the game and bring up my theories to support my speculations.

This blog used to be a Dutch Pokémon fan website, but I decided to change it into a blog to express my ideas! That is why you probably found a post in a weird language. All of these old posts are in the sidebar to the right.

There is currently only 1 category; Speculation. You can find the section just above this post.

But OR/AS are not the only games that get attention. I will also talk about the possible events related to Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion, the 3rd game prediction (Pokémon Z) and a timeline of expected game releases. So check back here every few times in a week, and discuss with me and others to speculate about my ideas. I hope you have fun!

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