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Pokémon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire: Gym Leaders

21 September 2014

The eight gym leaders from Hoenn make a return in the upcoming remakes (duuhh..)
They all have redesigns and updated Gyms, and perhaps even updated Gym rosters. I’ll be taking a look at the Gym Leaders, their Gym and their presumed teams during- and after the storyline. Let’s dive in!

The full rosters of the Gym Leaders have been leaked, but I'm not going to update this page, since I don't want to spoil it for everybody.

#1: Rustboro Gym Leader Roxanne

Ruby Sapphire Roxanne.png     ->

Roxanne had a minor redesign/ Her skirt changed and she looks more like a teacher now.
Her Gym is also updated. It keeps the same idea as a maze, but it now also contains fossils on the wall and in glass, as well as a 3D perspective.

Stone Badge
TM39 Rock Tomb

 Pic. Name Type Moves Ability Item  Level
Geodude  Geodude  /  -Rock Tomb
-Defense Curl
 Sturdy  –  Lv.12
 Nosepass  Nosepass    -Rock Tomb
 Sturdy  –  Lv.14

#2 Dewford Gym Leader Brawly

Ruby Sapphire Brawly.png  -> Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Brawly.png


Brawly changed a little more than Roxanne did. He know looks more like a surfer, with goggles and wetsuit.
His gym now consists of 2 rooms; a hall with trainers, and Brawly’s room with real fitness machines.

Knuckle Badge
TM08 Bulk Up

Pic. Name Type  Moves Ability  Item  Level
 Machop  Machop    -Bulk Up
-Low Sweep
-Seismic Toss
 Guts  –  Lv.15
 Makuhita  Makuhita    -Bulk Up
-Knock Off
-Arm Thrust
-Fake Out
 Guts  –  Lv.16

#3 Mauville Gym Leader Wattson

Ruby Sapphire Wattson.png -> Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Wattson.png

Wattson is still that jolly old dude. He know wears a Hawaiian shirt with Lightning bolts.
His gym seems to be the exact same.

Dynamo Badge
TM72 Volt Switch

 Pic.  Name Type  Moves Ability Item Level
 Voltorb  Voltorb    -Spark
 Static  –  Lv.21
 Magnemite  Magnemite   /  -Spark
-Thunder Wave
-Magnet Bomb
 Magnet Pull  –  Lv.22
 Magneton  Magneton   /  -Volt Switch
-Thunder Wave
-Electric Terrain
-Magnet Bomb
 Magnet Pull  –  Lv.23

#4 Lavaridge Gym Leader Flannery



Flannery changed a little bit design wise. She looks more fierce, and she now wears different jeans than before, as well as a towel attached to her belt.
The gym keeps the same idea, but with an overall redesign. Instead of just straight holes, the gym now uses trapdoors. There are now rocks, there is water and of course, steam.

Heat Badge
TM50 Overheat

Pic.  Name  Type Moves Ability Item Level
   Slugma  -Overheat
-Light Screen
-Sunny Day
 Magma Armor  –  Lv.26
   Slugma    -Flamethrower
-Rock Slide
 Magma Armor  –  Lv.26
   Torkoal    -Overheat
-Body Slam
 White Smoke  –  Lv.28

#5 Petalburg Gym Leader Norman


Norman only switched his shoes for a pair of sandals. Bad fashion taste I guess.
The gym is exactly the same. Pick a door, defeat the trainer, move on.

Balance Badge
TM42 Facade

Pic.  Name  Type  Moves Ability  Item Level
   Slaking    -Facade
-Slack Off
 Truant  –  Lv.31
   Vigoroth    -Facade
-Faint Attack
 Vital Spirit  –  Lv.31
   Slaking    -Retaliate
-Focus Punch
-Slack Off
 Truant  –  Lv.33

#6 Fortree Gym Leader Winona

  ->  ??

We have no information about the last 3 gym leaders. I assume her design doesn’t change much. Probably just a new suit.
Her gym will definitely change, Her gym sucked and didn’t make any sense in RSE. I mean, come on. Ports? Whut?
The new design will probably be related to the treehouses in Fortree City. So, you have to climb up?

Feather Badge
TM40 Aerial Ace

 Pic. Name Type Moves Ability Item Level
   Swellow  /  -Aerial Ace
-Quick Attack
-Double Team
 Guts  –  Lv.33
   Pelipper  / -Aerial Ace
-Water Pulse
 Keen Eye  –  Lv.33
   Skarmory  / -Aerial Ace
-Steel Wing
-Fury Attack
 Keen Eye  –  Lv.33
   Altaria  /  -Aerial Ace
-Dragon Dance
-Dragon Breath
 Natural Cure Lv.35

#7 Mossdeep Gym Leaders Tate & Liza

   ->  ??

We have no confirmation that the above picture is the Mossdeep Gym. However, judging from the looks of it, it definitely is. It looks al so Psychic. Reminds me of Olympia’s Gym. You can also see Psychics, so pretty much confirmed.
The Gym has had a complete overhaul as you can see. I don’t know what the puzzle is, but appereantly you bounce around platforms.

Mind Badge
TM04 Calm Mind

 Pic.  Name Type Moves  Ability Item  Level
   Lunatone  /  -Calm Mind
-Light Screen
 Levitate  –  Lv.45
   Solrock  /  -Calm Mind
-Sunny Day
 Levitate  –  Lv.45

#8 Sootopolis Gym Leader Wallace


Ruby Sapphire Wallace.png  ->  ??

This picture is the only thing we have about both Sootopolis and the Gym.
Wallace will probably looks more fabulous, to correspond with the Contests.

Rain Badge
TM55 Scald

 Pic.  Name  Type  Moves Ability Item  Level
   Sealeo  /  -Scald
-Aurora Beam
-Body Slam
 Thick Fat  –  Lv.44
   Seaking    -Scald
-Rain Dance
-Horn Drill
-Aqua Ring
 Swift Swim  –  Lv.44
   Luvdisc    -Scald
-Sweet Kiss
-Lucky Chant
 Swift Swim  –  Lv.44
   Whiscash  /  -Scald
-Rain Dance
 Oblivious  –  Lv.44
   Milotic    -Scald
-Ice Beam
 Marvel Scale  –  Lv.46



I’m 100% sure that the Gym Leaders can be battled again. If Emerald can do it, than ORAS can surely. Plus, it is a selling point.
The question is; how can we rebattle them?

  • PokéNav (Match Call)
  • Locations in-game based on time. (I.e. Brawly appearing on Sunday morning in Granite Cave)
  • Facility we can battle them (similiar to Platinum)

#1 Roxanne

It would make sense for Roxanne to appear in a cave, because she is a Rock type specialist. But it could also that she is battleable in her school, as she is a teacher.

 Pic.  Name Type Moves Ability Item
 Golem  Golem  /  -Double-Edge
-Stone Edge
-Rock Polish
 Sturdy  Passho Berry
 Aerodactyl  Aerodactyl  / -Iron Head
-Fire Fang
-Rock Slide
-Aerial Ace
 Pressure  –
 Tyrantrum  Tyrantrum  /  -Crunch
-Head Smash
-Dragon Claw
-Poison Fang
 Strong Jaw  –
 Tyranitar  Tyranitar  / -Payback
-Stone Edge
-Iron Defense
 Sand Stream  –
 Crustle  Crustle  / -Shell Smash
-Rock Blast
-Stealth Rock
 Shell Armor   White Herb
 Probopass  Probopass  / -Magnet Rise
-Thunder Wave
-Flash Cannon
-Earth Power
 Sturdy  –

#2 Brawly

Brawly could appear in Granite Cave, or on one of the many sandbanks around Dewford, where he is surfing with his Hariyama.

Pic. Name Type Moves Ability Item
 Machamp  Machamp    -Bulk Up
-Cross Chop
-Poison Jab
 Guts  Flame Orb
 Poliwrath  Poliwrath  / -Hypnosis
-Focus Punch
-Ice Punch
 Water Absorb  –
   Lucario  / -Aura Sphere
-Dragon Pulse
-Flash Cannon
-Calm Mind
 Steadfast  –
 Mienshao  Mienshao    -High Jump Kick
 Regenerator  –
 Pangoro  Pangoro  / -Power-Up Punch
-Bulk Up
-Hammer Arm
 Mold Breaker  –
 Hariyama  Hariyama    -Surf
-Body Slam
 Thick Fat  Leftovers

#3 Wattson

Wattson could be somewhere in New Mauville, maintaining the machines.

 Pic. Name Type Moves Ability Item
 Electrode  Electrode    -Explosion
-Light Screen
-Charge Beam
-Signal Beam
 Static  –
 Electivire  Electivire    -Thunder Punch
-Cross Chop
-Ice Punch
 Motor Drive  –
 Galvantula  Galvantula  / -Sticky Web
-Bug Buzz
-Sucker Punch
 Compound Eyes  –
 Rotom  Rotom  /  -Hydro Pump
 Levitate  Leftovers
 Heliolisk  Heliolisk  /  -Eerie Impulse
-Parabolic Charge
-Hyper Voice
 Dry Skin  –
 Magnezone  Magnezone  / -Volt Switch
-Flash Cannon
-Tri Attack
-Thunder Wave
 Sturdy  Air Balloon

#4 Flannery

Mt. Chimney, Route 112 and Fiery Path are fitting locations for Flannery.

Pic. Name Type Moves Ability Item
 Magcargo  Magcargo  /  -Flamethrower
-Earth Power
-Rock Slide
 Magma Armor  Air Balloon
 Houndoom  Houndoom  /  -Sunny Day
-Fire Blast
-Dark Pulse
-Sludge Bomb
 Flash Fire  –
   Volcarona  / -Quiver Dance
-Fiery Dance
-Bug Buzz
-Giga Drain
 Flame Body  –
 Talonflame  Talonflame  /  -Roost
-Flare Blitz
-Steel Wing
 Flame Body  –
 Infernape  Infernape  / -Close Combat
-Fire Punch
-Thunder Punch
 Blaze  –
 Torkoal  Torkoal    -Attract
-Sunny Day
-Body Slam
 White Smoke  Heat Rock

#5 Norman

Norman’s location should be your house. He lives there after all.

Pic. Name Type Moves Ability Item
 Girafarig  Girafarig  / -Guard Swap
-Zen Headbutt
-Mirror Coat
 Early Bird  –
   Wigglytuff  / -Body Slam
-Play Rough
 Cute Charm  –
 Sawsbuck  Sawsbuck  /  -Horn Leech
-Leech Seed
 Sap Sipper  Big Root
 Diggersby  Diggersby  / -Hammer Arm
-Quick Attack
-Super Fang
 Huge Power  –
 Miltank  Miltank   -Attract
-Body Slam
-Milk Drink
 Thick Fat  Chesto Berry
 Slaking  Slaking    -Slack Off
-Power-Up Punch
 Truant  Leftovers

#6 Winona

Sky Pillar could be a location for Winona, as it is pretty tall.

pic. Name Type Moves Ability Item
 Skarmory  Skarmory  /  -Spikes
-Steel Wing
-Brave Bird
 Sturdy  –
   Gliscor  /  -Toxic
-Night Slash
 Sand Veil  –
   Swanna  /  -Scald
-Feather Dance
 Keen Eye  –
 Honchkrow  Honchkrow  /  -Night Slash
-Sucker Punch
-Sky Attack
 Super Luck  Scope Lens
 Sigilyph  Sigilyph  /  -Psycho Shift
-Cosmic Power
-Stored Power
 Magic Guard  Flame Orb
 Altaria  Altaria  / -Dragon Dance
-Dragon Pulse
-Cotton Guard
 Natural Cure  Yache Berry

#7 Tate & Liza

The twins could be around Mt. Pyre, as that’s a spiritual place. They could also be at Meteor Falls, as that’s where they caught Solrock and Lunatone.

Pic.  Name  Type  Moves  Ability Item
 Claydol  Claydol  /  -Earthquake
-Cosmic Power
-Power Split
-Trick Room
 Levitate  –
 Bronzong  Bronzong  /  -Earthquake
-Flash Cannon
-Future Sight
 Levitate  Leftovers
 Malamar  Malamar  /  -Superpower
-Night Slash
-Psycho Cut
-Simple Beam
 Contrary  –
   Mr.Mime  /  -Reflect
-Light Screen
-Dazzling Gleam
-Misty Terrain
 Filter  Light Clay
 Lunatone  Lunatone / -Calm Mind
-Rock Slide
 Levitate  Sitrus Berry
 Solrock  Solrock  /  -Sunny Day
-Rock Slide
 Levitate  Heat Rock

#8 Wallace

Wallace could be everywhere. Water is everywhere in Hoenn :p

Pic. Name Type Moves Ability Item
 Ludicolo  Ludicolo  /  -Rain Dance
-Giga Drain
-Leech Seed
 Rain Dish  Lum Berry
 Whiscash  Whiscash  / -Earth Power
-Future Sight
-Muddy Water
 Anticipation  –
 Kingdra  Kingdra  /  -Focus Energy
-Dragon Pulse
-Hydro Pump
-Ice Beam
 Sniper  –
 Lapras  Lapras  / -Blizzard
-Perish Song
 Water Absorb  –
 Jellicent  Jellicent  /  -Shadow Ball
-Water Spout
-Confuse Ray
 Cursed Body  Leftovers
 Milotic  Milotic    -Recover
-Ice Beam
 Marvel Scale  Leftovers

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