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Did Mega Evolutions improve on certain Pokémon?

1 December 2014

The concept of Mega Evolution was first introduced in X & Y during the sixth generation of Pokémon. The whole idea is simple; give a Pokémon its Mega Stone, click the ‘Mega Evolve’ button and your Pokémon Mega Evolves.

Some Pokémon changed in certain ways due to the receival of a Mega form. Some of them are more used, some look better, some get more recognition, and some don’t. Let’s take a look if Mega Evolutions improved on certain Pokémon that got one.


Venusaur  Mega Venusaur
 File:003Venusaur.png  File:003Venusaur-Mega.png
 Grass Poison  Grass Poison
 Overgrow or Chlorophyll  Thick Fat
 OU tier  OU tier
Generation V

Venusaur became a fairly common Pokémon in Generation V. Because there was easier acces to sun (Drought Ninetales), Venusaur became a popular choice on many sun-teams. With the arrival of Dream World abilites, Venusaur got even better. His hidden ability was Chlorophyll, an ability which doubles the Pokémon’s speed under harsh sunlight, was a very good and dangerous ability if used right.

But not only its ability made use of the sun, several of his moves did as well. Growth now raises Attack and Sp.Attack with 2 stages, Synthesis healed more HP, Solarbeam can hit without any need for preparing and an HP Fire got even stronger. All of these made Venusaur a big threat in the OU tier.

Generation VI


Which Generation VI came the Fairies. And with the Fairies came the rise of Poison-types. Poison-types are nowadays so much needed in the standard metagame to protect yourself from Clefable, Sylveon and Xerneas. And Venusaur is glad to be a Poison-type. With STAB Sludge Bomb, Venusaur can hurt them Fairies pretty hard.

Since weather is no longer permanent, did you really think the good days for the almighty Venusaur were over? Think again, With the help of a Mega Evolution, Venusaur is now more used than ever before. With its Thick Fat ability, it loses 2 big weaknesses; Fire and Ice. Now being only weak to 2 types.
It also got more bulk, instead of having 80/83/100, Mega-Saur now has 80/123/120. Enough to endure a couple of hits.

A Mega Evo for Venusaur didn’t improve much, but it gave him a push in the back.

 Charizard Mega Charizard X  Mega Charizard Y
 File:006Charizard.png  File:006Charizard-Mega X.png  File:006Charizard-Mega Y.png
 Blaze or Solar Power  Tough Claws  Drought
 NU tier (Gen V)
  OU tier (Gen VI)
 OU tier   OU tier 
Generation V

Charizard. The almighty dragon it never was from Gen I. Charizard used to be a serious threat in the metagame, until Generation IV introduced the pesky Stealth Rocks. A true nightmare for Charizard. From there, the fire lizard went downwards. Upon entry, and if SR is present, Charizard already loses 50% of its health. This is certainly not good if you’re anticipating a move. Sure, you can Roost the turn after, but that’s all wasted. You needed a Rapid Spinner on your team to make Charizard work. And even without SR Charizard sucked. Mediocre Speed, poor defenses and not even hard-hitting. It was just outclassed by other Fire types.

The only positive thing about Zard is that it becomes a beast once sun is active (if it has Solar Power of course)

Generation VI


Charizard finally became a dragon, after 17 years of waiting. Not only a dragon, but also a fast special sweeper in its Y Mega form. Mega-Zard X becomes Fire/Dragon, removing 4x weakness to Rocks, turns Electric into a resistance, and neutral to Water. It did got a few new weaknesses, including Ground and Dragon. But it still hits hard nonetheless. Great power to sweep: 130/130/100. Set up Dragon Dance, have a few contact moves and tadah, a powerhouse.

Its Y Mega is also dangerous. With Drought, it powers up it STAB Fire moves, it removes its Water weakness, and it can use Solarbeam without any need to charge. A Sp.Attack  of 159 is insanely helpful. Give it Roost, Fire Blast, Solarbeam and Air Slash, and you’re good to go.

Going from NU to OU is a great step forward. Mega Zard X/Y definitely helped for Charizard.

 Blastoise Mega Blastoise
 File:009Blastoise.png  File:009Blastoise-Mega.png
 Torrent or Rain Dish  Mega Launcher
 UU tier  UU tier
Generation V

Blastoise was still a bulky Water-type in Gen V. Through the generations, many Water-types compete against eachother to see which is the bulkiest. Blastoise didn’t win this battle, however. But it’s still a good Water-type nonetheless. Blastoise is fairly common in UU, where it has its buddies Swampert and Suicune.

Generation VI


Blastoise was capable of Mega Evolving, just like its bros. Mega Blastoise received more bulk and more power. This Mega focuses more on the offensive side than the defensive side, which sucks. Blastoise isn’t that good for offense, but it can still be good for a bulky Special Attacker set.

Mega Launcher is a somewhat gimmick and limited ability, but it powers up some useful moves and put them to good use if you use them.

Blastoise remained in the UU tier. This isn’t bad, but isn’t good either. Mega Blastoise actually didn’t improve much.

Alakazam Mega Alakazam
Psychic  Psychic
 Synchronize, Inner Focus or
Magic Guard
 OU tier (Gen V)
UU tier (Gen VI)
 UU tier
Generation V

Alakazam got one new niche in BW; Magic Guard. Alakazam could now only be hit by direct attacks. So that means it won’t lose health to Spikes, Stealth Rocks, poison, burn, Leech Seed etc. This ability could even be abused by giving it a Life Orb. Alakazam now got a 33% boost without even receiving a little bit of recoil.

Generation VI


Thanks to the rise of Dark and Ghost-types, Alakazam has dropped a tier. Since Steel no longer resistent to Dark and Ghost-type moves, these types are more commonly seen, and because Knock Off got buffed up, there were even more threats to Alakazam.

Did Mega Alakazam help that? NO. Its defense only got boosted by 20, an Sp.Def by 10. That’s not going to help. It still hits hard and fast, but with the lack of holding a Choice item, Life Orb or Focus Sash, Mega Alakazam could be considered worse than its regular version.

Gengar Mega Gengar
 Levitate  Shadow Tag
 OU tier  Ubers
Generation V

Gengar didn’t improve much in BW, but there were barely any negatives about it. It had great Sp.Attack, Speed, great movepool, good typing and one of the best abilities in the game.

Generation VI


Ahhh Mega Gengar. We all love or hate it. Shadow Tag is insanely broken on Mega Gengar, that’s also the main reason it landed in the Ubers tier. Tied with its strong offenses and great typing, (which has received a boost this Gen because of Steel losing a resistance and Fairy-types) Mega Gengar is a true beast and slayer. It has acces to so many moves, both offensive and support. Every set is different.

Mega Gengar made a perfect Pokémon like Gengar even better. Maybe even too good ;)

 Kangaskhan Mega Kangaskhan
 Early Bird, Scrappy or
Inner Focus
 Parental Bond
NU tier  Ubers tier
Generation V

Kangaskhan was one of the many pure Normal-types. As so, it sat at NU, as it didn’t stood out. It had a mediocre Attack stat at 95, mediocre Speed at 90 and mediocre Defenses, both at 80. It could pack a punch, but there were so many other things that outclassed Khan.

Generation VI


X and Y changed everything. Regular Kangaskhan still sucked, but its Mega was so overpowered, it had to be banned to Ubers. Parental Bond is just so strong and broken. Mega Khan now had decent speed, good Attack and decent defenses. With a wide movepool to choose from and only one weakness, Mega Khan was broken as hell and was banned to Ubers instantly. Moves like Rock Tomb and Power-Up Punch count in the stat changes twice, so after one P-Punch, your Attack stat was doubled. After one Rock Tomb, the opponent’s Speed was halfed.

Kangaskhan is the Pokémon that provited the most of the Mega Evolution concept, and the only Pokémon to jump from the lowest tier to the highest one after one generation.


Pinsir Mega Pinsir
 Hyper Cutter, Mold Breaker or
 NU tier (Gen V)
OU tier (Gen VI)
 OU tier
Generation V

Pinsir has always been in the shadows of its counterpart Heracross ever since it was introduced in GS. Heracross was just the ‘real’ Pinsir. It was part Fighting, it had the power and bulk, and it had the almighty Megahorn. Pinsir was even doomed to the NU tier since Gen IV. It was just outclassed by other Bug-types, Heracross in particular.

Generation VI


Finally did Pinsir get some recognition. Its counterpart Heracross received a Mega Evolution, but so did Pinsir. Mega Pinsir is now Bug/Flying, which is, defensively, not good. Offensively, yes, if you have the movepool to utilize it. Did Pinsir carry any Flying-type moves? Not really. Did it get a push in the back? Yes. Aerilate helps Pinsir A LOT. Not only he has access to STAB Flying-type moves, these moves also gain a little boost. Return is its strongest move, which has a Base Power of 183 after STAB and Aerilate boost. Talkin’ ’bout raw power.

Mega Pinsir is a huge improvement on regular Pinsir.

 Gyarados Mega Gyarados
 Intimidate or Moxie  Mold Breaker
 OU tier  OU tier
Generation V

For another generation was Gyarados a real threat to any team. High offences, good Sp.Def, great movepool, good typing. Gen V didn’t really improve much on Gyarados, except for its hidden ability Moxie.

Generation VI


Same story as for Gen V. Gyarados didn’t improve much on Gen V Gyarados. Maybe one or two new threats, but that’s about it.

Mega Gyarados turns Gyarados into a Water/Dark-type. Yeah, not Water/Dragon like we all wanted. Mega Gyarados got more bulky and more offence, while maintaining its speed stat. Its typing is a let down. It is now vulnarable to Ground-types, it gains Fighting, Fairy, Bug and Grass weaknesses and lost a few resistances. Even a lack of Dark-type STAB was a thing in X and Y.

Mega Gyarados didn’t improve much on regular Gyarados, but if its Mega was Water/Flying as well, it would definitely rock OU.

Aerodactyl Mega Aerodactyl
 Rock Head, Pressure or
 Tough Claws
 RU tier (Gen V)
UU tier (Gen VI)
 UU tier
Generation V

Aerodactyl was fast and hit hard, but its typing was a huge let down. Not only that, but it had a decent support movepool, but lacked the defensive stats. It was doomed to RU tier, even though Aerodactyl was OU in Gen IV.

Generation VI

Aerodactyl was still not that good in X and Y. It was fast and hit hard, but its typing and defensive stats were a let down.

But the Mega changed everything. Every stat got boosted, big or small. A little bit more bulk helped and it could know hit even harder. Mega Aerodactyl was and is a huge threat if you don’t outspeed it, but a STAB Bullet Punch or Aqua Jet might kill this dinosaur.

Mega Aerodactyl definitely improved a little on regular Pteradactyl. From RU to UU is quite the improvement, and maybe in the future it will regain its OU title.

 Ampharos Mega Ampharos
 Static or Plus  Mold Breaker
 NU tier (Gen V)
UU tier (Gen VI)
 UU tier
Generation V

Ampharos was shit in Gen V. It was outclassed by many other Electric-types, it had a lacking movepool and was overall not good. At least Rain gave it the niche of never missing Thunder but that’s about it.

Generation VI


Gen VI increased Ampharos’ base Defense by 10, going from 75 to 85. This is already a good start. Anything else? Nah, that’s it.

Mega Ampharos changes things. It got more bulk; 90/105/110 is great. Sp.Attack is now a whopping 165. Finally, power. And it got Dragon typing. In this gen, it’s not so fortunate, but it did get 3 new resistances, at a cost of 3 new weaknesses. Also STAB Dragon Pulse is cool, I guess. And Mold Breaker? Fuck Skarmory in particular. ?
Downside is its Speed stat. It was already slow, but it’s now even slower.

Mega Ampharos made Ampharos useful again just like in the old days, and I’m glad. Ampharos is really cool, but still not your first choice if you want an Electric-type.

Scizor  Mega Scizor
 Swarm, Technician or
Light Metal
 OU tier  OU tier
Generation V

Scizor was still the great Scizor we know from Gen IV. Great typing, great stats, great movepool, awesome ability. What could you even add to this monster? Well, nothing, honestly. It is great and nothing could even destroy. Not even 3 new Bug/Steel types that were introduced in Black and White. Except for Genesect. Genesect is better, but anyways…

Generation VI


And still Scizor was the almighty wall-breaking, revenge killing, sweeping monster everyone feared. It did lose 2 resistances, but got one in return and it’s a check for Fairies.

Mega Scizor kept what made Scizor awesome; Technician. Its Defense got buffed up to an incredible 140. All other stats got boosted as well. It is now faster, more powerful and bulkier. So Scizor could be better after all, huh?

Mega Scizor did actually improve Scizor a little bit. More bulk and more offense are really great and help out pretty well.

Heracross  Mega Heracross
 Swarm, Guts or
 Skill Link
 OU tier  OU tier
Generation V

Heracross, just like Scizor, has always been awesome. In Gen V though, Heracross got one of the best abilities of the game; Moxie. Every time Heracross knocked an opponent out, its Attack got boosted. This made Heracross so dangerous. It also had a great movepool and good stats to be useful.

Generation VI


One word: Fairy
One new weakness is fine. But its STAB moves are now both resisted by these Fairy bitches. It doens’t matter, as Heracross is still a great ‘Mon to use.

Mega Heracross is weird. I hate its design and it got a rather odd choice of ability; Skill Link. To make use of this ability, Heracross now learned Arm Thrust, Pin Missile and Rock Blast. Its stats are amazing though. 185 Attack and 115 Defense is awesome! Its Speed gets sacrifices, however. One turn of Mega Evolving, you keep your speed stat though, so make use of it.

Mega Heracross is not my first choice when using Heracross, but both are still good additions to your team.

Houndoom  Mega Houndoom
 Flash Fire, Early Bird or
 Solar Power
 UU tier (Gen V)
RU tier (Gen VI)

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