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New ORAS Trailer Analysis! (September 2014)

10 September 2014

A new trailer was uploaded to the official Japanese site a few days ago, and later one to the English site. Let’s take a look!


rurt 120  rurt 120 urld

The trailer starts of with showing battle scenes, but the real fun begins when they show this screenshot! This is Route 120, as you can see on the blurry (sorry!) screenshot from Emerald. We can now see how the bushes look where you can make your secret base in.


Finally we can see how Pacifidlog Town looks! It’s amazing how precisely this game is built!


And diving was also shown! This looks amazing, Pretty sure the 3D function will be availabe. The player now wears a snorkel and rides a Wailmer! This will probably only be a Wailmer when you actually use Wailmer for Dive, much like how you’re riding a Lapras in X and Y.


The desert looks more like the one in Unova. Pretty cool he?

rurt 116  rurt 116 urld


This is Route 116. Appearently, the camera angle changes through the game.


This is the cool updated Oceanic Museum. It even has a flat screen!


Meteor Falls regained its old color from RS. Here you can see Magma and Aqua grunts, as well as Archie. Your rival is also present. Meaning that he/she is going to play bigger role?

mursderp mursderp rs

As you can see, Mossdeep City has a Rocket, just like in Emerald. There is now a lookout point next to the Space Center, and you can see the Shoal Cave in the background.



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