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August Corocoro (July 13th) Analysis! [UPDATE]

11 July 2014

Yesterday, the first two pages of the August CoroCoro were posted online on Japanese forums.  

Mega Metagross is revealed! Although the text is pretty unclear and vague to read, Japanese readers have found out Metagross retains his Steel/Psychic type, and getting the Tough Claws ability (Although I think it says ‘Analytic’). You can see Roxanne, Flannery, Norman and Wattson at the bottom of the page, with Wattson’s ace Magneton and Flanerry’s ace Torkoal, just like in the original Ruby and Sapphire games. Left of the gym leaders you can see Sydney and Phoebe. Strangely, Sydney’s ace is Shiftry rather than Absol. Mega Shiftry on the way? The whole magazine will be released on the 15th, which is coming Tuesday. But today, 2 new scans were leaked; August CoroCoro 1 August CoroCoro 2

On the left page, you can see the new Pokédex, which looks like a GameBoy Advance. The screenshot right next to it is a trade with a Zangoose for an unknown Pokémon. A new character called ‘Madame Pikachu’ can also be seen, although it is unclear who this precisely is and how that person (or Pikachu) involves around the story. If you look closely, you can see 2 screenshots of the Pokémon Amie screen on the page next to this page, meaning Pokémon Amie is confirmed. On the right page you can see the continuation of the gym leaders list we saw yesterday.Here is Brawly’s new outfit and with his ace to be confirmed a Makuhita, just like the originals. The only gym leaders whe haven’t seen are Winona, Tate & Liza and Wallace/Juan.

CoroCoro Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Gym Leaders

A clearer scan has leaked, showing us the aces of the other gym leaders.

CoroCoro Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Elite 4

Another clearer scan. Phoebe’s ace now is Duskoir, rather than Dusclops. This means the Hoenn Dex will be expanded with the evolutions introduced in the 4th generation. (I.e. Gallade, Froslass and Magnezone).
You can see that Sydney is wearing a bracelet now, something he didn’t wear in RSE. There is even a stone placed in the bracelet. Could this be a Mega Stone? So Mega Shiftry is legit? Phoebe appearantly doesn’t wear anything special. Although she already had this ankle band. Could her Mega Stone be placed in that band? Mega Dusknoir?

CoroCoro Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Pikachu in Contests

Here you can see 2 Pikachu dresses. These dresses are to be used in Pokémon Contests.
Prof. Birch art is also revealed.

CoroCoro Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Pikachu in Contests

On this scan you can see 3 more dresses for Pikachu. One screenshot even shows the Contests!
The rest is just a rehersal of what we already know, although they’re really pointing out Flygon used by that Secret Base guy….


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