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Hoenn Map Analysis

15 June 2014

This might be (a bit) late, but who cares.

Last week, we already got new artwork for Hoenn. This map provided a lot of details, and as always, also brought speculation.
I will analyse everything on the map, and providing screenshots from trailers to show how certain areas look in these new games.

Littleroot Town

Littleroot Town doesn’t have any surprising changes. In the above screenshot, you can see Brendan walking out of the truck and facing his new home town.

Route 101

Again, nothing new. The route does seem a lot longer than it was before, but this could be just so everything else corresponds with the rest of Hoenn.

Oldale Town

Good old Oldale. As seen on the map and here in the screenshot, there is a PokéMart, so Pokémarts confirmed!
There is one small thing I noticed; in the middle of the town (on the screenshot), you can see a wooden fence/building. In RSE, there was a only a patch of flowers. So something new, or just a few meaningless obstacles?

Route 102

This screenshot is taken right next to Petalburg City.  It’s the patch of grass where Wally catches his Ralts.

Route 103
This screenshot is most likely taken right before you battle your rival at Route 103. You can see some water behind May, indicating that this Route gets a small update. (You can even see a little pond on the map)

Petalburg City

As seen on the Route 102 screenshot, you can see Petalburg City in the back. It looks exactly the same as it did in RSE, so no changes to the town.

Route 104

This one is taken at the north side of Route 104. Looking on the Hoenn map, no visible changes are made.

Petalburg Woods

As no details are given on the Hoenn map and it hasn’t appeared in any trailer, we have no clue how this will look like. I think it is just Santalune Forest-styled, with perhaps some added objects, like fallen tree logs or trunks.

Rustboro City

I love how Rustboro looks. The fences are still the exact same! This screenshot was taken right in front of the gym. Appearantly, every gym looks the same again. No probem at all to me!
On the Hoenn Map, you can see 1 or 2 new buildings north of Devon Co. What are these things? If you look even more closely, you can see a path leading to the latter 2 from Route 115.

Route 116

Nothing. Just the same old route.

Rusturf Tunnel

No screenshots, so we don’t know.

Route 105

You can see Island Cave. Furthermore nothing important. It’s just a boring water route.

Route 106-109

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire


Dewford Town

Again, nothing.

Granite Cave
It seems that there are 2 entrances  now. You can see the second one directly left to the original entrance on the map. Also, judging by these screenshots, Granite Cave has a different layout. 

Slateport City

Small change her. The place where the PokéMart stood in RSE is replaced with the Pokécenter, and right next to that there is a PokéMart.

Route 110


The Route itself is the same, but as you can see, Cycling Road gets a cool update. There is now transparent glass and more height difference.

New Mauville

It’s still there, but we can’t see it.

Mauville City

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

This is the largest update to an area so far. If you take a look at Mauville on the map, you can’t see any building. No PokéCentre, no Mart, no Gym, nothing. It even looks like a wall is surrounding the city!
If you would like to take a look at this piece of artwork.
You can clearly see the same building on the Hoenn map. Just look at the entrance and the blue glass. Not to mention the 4 towers on top of the building. One can also see entrances to the west and east on the map. I believe Mauville keeps its layout, but now is ‘inside’ a building. (Buildings in a building, dawg)

Route 117

Nope. I can see the Daycare, that’s all I want.

Verdanturf Town

Nothing. Still keeps the Contest building.

Route 118


Route 111

Desert! And the Winstrate House! But unfortunately, no Trainer Hill…

Route 112

Same old boring route.

Fiery Path

You can see the cave entrance, which is good.


  Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
I love the update! It looks more volcanic now!

Jagged Pass

Pretty unclear.

Lavaridge Town

Nothing special. No redesign.

Route 113

The route is hard to see, but nothing special can be seen.

Fallarbor Town

Also hard to see, can’t say anything about it.

Route 114

Looks like there is a crater, perhaps to tie in the fact it’s next to Meteor Falls? Or the meteor that allows Mega Evolution to occur?

Meteor Falls

Several craters can be seen on the surface of this cave on the map.

Route 115

There is a path leading to the new structures in Rustboro.

Route 119


A little redesign here. The layout changed, as you can see in the above pictures.

Fortree City


Awesome! The updates style looks cool. On the map, the yellow Gym building is missing, so this could mean the gym is now a treehouse as well.

Route 120

Secret bases confirmed! Look at the little hole in the wall. Yeahh!!

Route 121 

It looks much more lively.

Route 122

This was the most meaningless Route ever.

Route 123

Nope. Berry Fields, that’s all.


It’s too small to excamine.

Safari Zone

It looks so small! Perhaps it’s the Friend Safari again?

Lilycove City

Same deal

Route 124 to 134

The rock formations aren’t new, they are now brought to light. You probably didn’t notice them in RSE.

Mossdeep City

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Space Center looks a lot bigger now. Deoxys Nr.100 anyone?

Shoal Cave 

It’s there

Pacifidlog Town

Tha same

Sootopolis City

If you zoom in, you can see bridges are connected to the Gym island. It makes crossing the city much more easy!

Evergrande City

Nothing. The island looks smaller though.

Battle Frontier 

Clouds are covering the island. I bet there is something new there!



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