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ORAS E3 Aftermath Trailer Analysis

11 June 2014

The OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire trailer aired during the Digital Event yesterday. And boy, it sure looked magnificent! This was the first time we got to see Hoenn in 3D!

I’m going to analyse the whole trailer, and bring every aspect shown to light. Some things in the trailer just need to be analysed. So join me as I’m clearing up everything so you can continue speculating!

Starter selection screen

sturter scrun

This reminds me of something… oh yeah! X and Y’s selection screen was exactly the same. I feel this is a bit lazy though, but oh well.
Wait a minute…
On the Corocoro scan last week, you could see the 3 Pokéballs laying in front of  Prof. Birch’s bag. Why can you now choose your starter in the first place? This is most likely from an upcoming demo at E3.

New background

trurcko turchuch murdkip

We can see three new battle backgrounds at the start of the trailer. Treecko’s is a forest, with more vivid colors and in-depth details. The background from Torchic is obviously somewhere near Mt.Chimney. It is cool to see this new heating background.
The final one is Mudkip at the beach. You can see parasols and beach chairs.

Hoenn’s overworld

rurtcomparison 1furtrur  burk comparison 3
Finally, Hoenn in 3D!
The first screenshot was taken at Route 104, right below Rustboro City. It is cool how accurate they made everything in comparison to the originals.
The second picture is obviously Fortree City. It looks so amazing! I’m fangirling right now. I think the area wil be visible in 3d.
The final picture is taken at the Cycling Road above Route 110. The Road is now made of transparent glass and goes up rather than staying on the same height.

Gym designs

gurm 7 gurm 4

The first picture is definitely Mossdeep Gym. You can see floating rocks and even the player is levitating. If that’s not enough, take a look at all the Psychics in the gym.
Now as for the second, I don’t know. It can be so many things. My first thought was it being in the Trick House, because of the trapdoors. But other fans say it could be Lavaridge Gym. It could be possible, there is water (steam), there are rocks, you can see a Battle Girl (she was in there in RS) and the most important; you can fall down.
My other bet is that this is Dewford Gym. Again, there is water (Brawly is a surfer), the gym seems to be located in a cave and there is a Battle Girl and what might seem to be some Karate dude.

Team Magma and Team Aqua


These are the new hideouts of Team Magma and Aqua. Team Magma focuses more on industriality, while Team Aqua focuses on nature. It is not sure if these are the hideouts near Lilycove, or if it is in a whole new place.

murxer urchur

The redesigns are cool, I know. But that’s not why I posted these pictures. You probably predicted these 2 villains are going to use Mega Evolutions, right? Well, there is now kinda evidence to proof that.
You can see a small, colorful stone in Archie’s medallion. Looks like a Mega Stone, huh?

Now as for Maxie, it seems he doesn’t have anything at first glance. But whe you take a closer look to the rightside (his perspective) of his glasses, you can see a same colorful stone sticking out his glasses. Pretty much confirmed right? It makes sense for them to Mega Evolve their Pokémon, as Lysandre also Mega Evolved one of his Pokémon.
And with the arrival of Mega Sableye, it is totally possible Camerupt and Sharpedo will also get Mega Evolutions.


This was everything I could say about the trailer. I hope you enjoyed the analysis, and don´t forget to like this blog and tell your friends about it! Thank you for reading!


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