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Champion in OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire

3 June 2014

The heated discussion is still going on, as no information is revealed at all. Who is going to be the champion? Steven, Wallace or someone completely new?

New boy in town

A new champion is incredibly unlikely. THESE ARE REMAKES! Please let this idea go, there is not going to be a new champion, Wally is not the champion and he will never be. Dot.

The rock hard champion

Steven Stone is most likely the champion as he was in the original games. I also think Steven is going to be the champion. I mean, like I said just like 5 seconds ago, Steven was the champion in Ruby and Sapphire, so why would he not be this time? Gamefreak is always full of surprises, so I wouldn’t be surpised if Steven did not end up being the champion. But what happens to him then? Will he be battleable in Meteor Falls just like in Emerald? Or he might be an unimportant NPC in the game, just giving you Beldum.

By the way, Steven carries an Aggron in his team. Aggron happened to receive a Mega Evolution along with 11 other Hoenn Pokémon. Will his Aggron Mega evolve during the champion battle?
Or what fans would like to see; Mega Metagross. Metagross is his ace/signature Pokémon and a very popular Pokémon anyway. So giving the already overpowered Pokémon a Mega is actually a plausible step that might happen. (If you put the Gamefreak glasses on, however)
This way, Steven can give you the Metagrossite. Or even better, the Beldum that you get holds the Metagrosste! Perfect plan!

Fancy Wallace

Wallace was the champion in Emerald back in 2005. He used to be the Sootopolis Gym Leader in Ruby and Sapphire. While Wallace became the champion, his mentor Juan took his former throne.
A popular theory among fans is that Wallace will be the champion for AlphaSapphire version, while Steven is the champion for OmegaRuby version.

A suitable Mega Evolution for Wallace would be Mega Milotic, also a popular Pokémon. He can give you the Miloticite after you beat him.


While it seems unlikely Gamefreak will change the champion, it might happen and perhaps we might even see version-exclusive champion.
My bet still lays by good ol’ Steven, because he was the champion in RS and he just rocks. (Hehe)


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