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New areas in OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire?

31 May 2014

Previous remakes inlcuded new areas to the games to give the games both old and new feelings.
Firered and Leafgreen added 9 new islands, while Heartgold and Soulsilver only added two new routes and a few other minor places. The latter happened because the games already had a whole extra region.

Where and what kind of places can be added to the remakes? Will the games add a new semi-region like FRLG, or rather a few new areas like HGSS?  A great addition to ORAS would be remade Sevii Islands. I think many people would like this idea. I personally loved the Sevii Island, they housed a great variety of climates, areas and Pokémon. These islands could serve for a greater postgame than Ruby and Sapphire had.
Credits go to shivanking

Aside from the whole Sevii Islands idea, which other places in Hoenn are suitable for expansion?
Below is a map of Hoenn with potential expanded areas.

The island right next to Route 110 is the one that bugged me for years. It is a huge piece of land, completely unused and I never saw the purpose of it. Recent years, I always thought that island should get expanded for a possible remake. Now is the perfect time to do that.
The island is based on Amakusa Island in Kyushu. Therefore, they could add a city based on Amakusa City.
The real life island has a lot of nature and beautiful scenery. Perhaps Gamefreak could add some forest or jungle, or just a freakin’ bench with a view on the ocean. 10/10 best game ever.
File:Yatsushiro Sea.png

Now for the other unused islands, the one south of Pacifidlog and the other one east from Battle Tower can be used for expansion. Both islands can be served for legendary purposes.

I believe Dewford Island will be expanded, much like how Cianwood also got an expansion. The expansion can be accessed during the main game, and maybe some areas closed for postgame.

The reason why I circled the woods is because it is just a big bunch of trees. There could be a Friend Safari or other facility be hidden in the forest.

In short, there will be new areas added to the games and they will contain cool backstories and legendaries. Let’s just hope we get the new Hoenn map artwork soon so we can check which areas are expanded and which not.


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